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9 Strategies to Reclaim “On Earth as it is in Heaven”

9 Strategies to Reclaim “On Earth as it is in Heaven”

November 17, 2022

Hi everyone. I’m Lenny Ravich, Humor and Inspiration Speaker in Hong Kong and London and author of the bestselling book “Everlasting Optimism”.

How about that title above, huh? Ever thought that we are in heaven on here on earth? Is it even possible? Let’s examine how we might approach this idea. Is that what you desire? It’s all a choice, you know. So let’s suspend reality for a few moments and enter into my world.

👉 Be like my Friend Albert

Albert Einstein is known to have said, “One must experience everything as a miracle or nothing is a miracle.” Good old Al was an everything or nothing kind of guy. If he believed in miracles, he must have believed that there is a higher power or intelligence (which is a very good idea) that keeps the cosmos from falling into chaos. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to acknowledge the miracle that you are living in. So, if you start to see everything as a gift from God, even the negative stuff, you might just take one step closer into reclaiming your heaven on earth.

👉 Practice Falling in love with what is

The first step towards your heaven on earth starts with looking more at “what is” rather than “what isn’t”. If you torment your mind with what isn’t, you will diminish your happiness. When you fall in love with the “here and now” that’s even getting your foot in the door of that dream state called heaven. What is missing is only in your mind, anyway. You’ve got all that you need right now. I mean, like, don’t you?

👉 Watch the show.

Looking at the world as a non-involved observer could definitely lead to more inner peace. That means that criticism, judgment and comparison makes the world a messy place. Any expectation is bound to lead to disappointment, and who needs that? Just grab a bag of popcorn and watch the show of your life. You might even enjoy it.

👉 Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Ever wake up in the morning saying “thank you” for another day? Untold millions never got this day and billions who can say it, miss the power of doing it. Think about that and consider saying thank you throughout the day for even the damaging stuff that comes into your life that teaches you how to love more deeply and become wiser. That’s an attitude of gratitude. So there, you’re another step closer.

👉 The Law of Attraction

Lots of us have heard “the rich get richer” or “money attracts money” and even “the poor get poorer”. The law of attraction brings more into your life of what you have. How do we deal with this? Take a few minutes several times a day to thank God for the abundance in your life; abundance of love, joy, good health, wealth, laughter, humor, optimism, compassion and service to others that helps us transcend the ego. You might do that often enough to begin to believe it. So when does all this lavishness come into your life?

Ever her the joke about the woman who asks God, “What is a million years for you?” God replies, “It’s one second.” She then asks, “God, what is a billion dollars for you?” God answers, “One cent.” “So God, if it’s not too much trouble, may I have one cent?” she pleads. “In a second” He gently retorts. So don’t ask. Just be grateful that you already have it.

👉 Take ownership. Responsibility=Response Ability   

 Blaming others for your misfortunes is a great game if you want to become a professional victim. I can’t imagine any victims in heaven. How about taking total responsibility for how your life looks and feels at this point in time. I know, it’s easier to point fingers at all those monsters that were there to bring you down and cause you to fail. Embrace the ogre because what you are witnessing is yourself in drag. By responding to the world as a mirror, a projection of your own inner world, you might begin to make choices that improve your life. When I walk out on stage during my humorous keynote talks in Hong Kong and London I ask myself, “What part of myself am I projecting on this audience?”

👉 Be a Witness to Your Thoughts

Take a second or two to watch your thoughts. Catch one, look at it and ask yourself, “Is this thought making me weaker or stronger”. If you conclude: “This thought that I am thinking right now does not advance me one bit,” then why think it? It’s just a thought. Delete it. Put a better one its place; one that supports you and makes you feel more robust. I do this by meditating on my thoughts a few minutes a day. Spoiler alert: This takes years of practice. I’m 86 and am still working on it. You never really win. You just get better at deleting and replacing. Oh, well…

👉 Keep Movin’

At my age it’s not easy to keep my body moving, but believe me I will not give up. I used to jog, got spinal stenosis and had to begin walking for exercise until the pain got worse and my doctor suggested bicycle riding which was great until I started falling off. That hurts. So I now swim three days a week, do water aerobics, smile and laugh a lot more. This keeps my serotonin levels higher and helps me stay in a good and relaxed mood. So move. Even for a few minutes a day. And laugh and smile a lot, even if you have to fake it. Your brain doesn’t know the difference anyway and always supports your outward actions.

👉 Embrace living in the Now

When someone inquires: “How are you?” Just say, “Now is my best moment” and watch their reaction. Say this to everyone who asks you and, of course ask how they are as well. Make this a habit so that life can finally become “on earth as it is in heaven”. By the way, there is only now. There is no other moment.

Let me know how it’s going for you.



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