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Enlightenment Is…I Dunno. Part 2

Enlightenment Is…I Dunno. Part 2

October 10, 2023

Welcome again, dear reader. It’s me Lenny Ravich the author of the bestselling book, “Everlasting
Optimism” and much sought-after Humorous Keynote Speaker in London and Hong Kong.
In my last article, “Enlightenment Is… I Dunno” Part 1 (See www.lennyravich.org/blog) I asked the
interviewer how she felt, since she had shown, for the first time, a sense that she was leaving the realm
of the logic and into the world of emotions. She fell mum. We sat in silence together for some time and
then she blurted, “I feel warmth in my chest.”
I continued, “Could that be an indication of love?”
“Yes. Yes. That could be the feeling of love. Is that enlightenment?”
“I Dunno. But I do know that my causing you to feel positive makes me feel good.”
“Could you elaborate?”
“Sure. We, as humans are wired to make others feel good which, in turn, makes us feel worthy. It’s
weird but we have mirror neurons in our brain that cause us to be empathetic to one another. To me
that’s the secret to powerful relationships. It’s a pity we don’t teach that in schools. By supporting,
serving, and having positive regard for all people actually enhances our own good health and sense of
“Is that enlightenment?”
“I Dunno”.
“So being of service to others, causing a smile, a laugh or support actually gives us our meaning in life?”
“Exactly. Having meaning in life provides us with the reason to live, to grow and thrive. A way to achieve
this ‘meaning’ is to elevate someone or something to a status greater than yourself.”
“And that will make us happier?”
“Yes. If we are sad, anxious or depressed, just by aiding and lifting someone up provides us with our own
joy, well-being and good health. I tell people, ‘Would you like to get out of your depression and be
merry? Create happiness for someone.’”
“How does this change us?”
“When you raise up someone, some thing, or some goal to a greater position than yourself you
transcend your ego. You get out of your own way and go with the flow of life. It’s no longer about you.
We were born to serve, to interact, to love, to honor. That makes us gladder and positive people live
longer, live stronger.”
“Is that enlightenment?”
“I Dunno”
We were getting near to the end of our interview. She Asked, “Could you tell me more how to live a full

“Creative adjustment.”
“What is that?”
“As humans, we have an uncanny way of adjusting to situations. It’s like improvisation. I have many
examples, but the one that comes to mind is my stint as a substitute teacher at the New York City Board
of education. It started like this: I was a stage actor at the age of 23, mostly Shakespeare. I realized that
there were times when I had no acting gigs (which was most of the time) and I had to pay the rent. I
contacted the NYC Education Committee and told them that I had a B.A. in English Literature and
applied and passed all the tests to be the recipient of a substitute license. It paid well and was perfect
since I could agree to standby for a teacher who failed to show up, or not.
The first call I got was from a junior high school in the Bronx. They requested that I teach 7 th grade math
for six weeks because the regular teacher had broken her leg while skiing. Math? Are you serious? I
accepted anyway and showed up to teach a subject that I had failed in high school.
On the very first day I was challenged by a youth, William (never forget a Nudnik) who caught me faking
it for the tenth time. Without even thinking I handed him the chalk and smilingly asked him to teach
(smarty pants) in my place. William accepted my challenge. He was brilliant and it was a very successful
day. Then I had this clue. I asked directly, ‘who wants to teach tomorrow’s lesson?’ I couldn’t believe it.
At least nine little professors raised their hands; and so it went all week.
Whenever they struggled with a formula they would all turn to me for the solution. My reaction was,
since I hadn’t an inkling, ‘A good teacher never offers his/her students answers. You must work it out for
yourselves.’ They bought it! They turned around and went back to work.
At the end of the six week teaching gig (Teaching, for crying out loud!) I appointed a student to create a
final exam (on your honor) and another group to correct it (on your honor). They all passed with tubas
blaring and fireworks. And that, my dear is ‘creative adjustment.’ ”
Just then my wife came home from shopping. I introduced the two of them among smiles and hugs.
The interviewer packed up her camera, tripod and water bottle. Before leaving she turned to me to
thank me. “I will be sure to send you the link of our conversation.”
“Please do,” I responded and slowly closed the door.
So my dears, if you are interested in watching our interview: (Part 1) Here ya’ go.

And/or (Part 2) Enjoy. It was fun.

Thanks for spending time with me. I am most grateful.
I Dunno!

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