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Getting Old Is Funny. (Or It Better Be)

Getting Old Is Funny. (Or It Better Be)

August 20, 2022

Hi. This is Lenny Ravich, better known as one of the Best Motivational Humorous Speakers in Hong Kong & London, perhaps because I am 86 and have outlived the competition.  I became even busier during the pandemic as a virtual funny keynote speaker on Zoom and would like to share some stories about what it’s like to be an aging, famous, humorous motivational speaker in Hong Kong & London.

Have you noticed we are all getting older? Check it out. Are you older now than you were when you started reading this?

As of this writing I am 86 years old. Believe me, dear reader, if you live long enough, and I hope you do you’d better develop a sense of humor. You’re going to witness the strangest phenomena in your body and life in general. Be prepared to laugh a lot..OY!!      As a Hong Kong motivational speaker, getting to be seriously mature is a challenge.

My daughter asked me how does it feel to be eighty-six.  I replied “Watch an action movie”. “Why an action flick?” she pondered.  I explained, “The last five minutes of those films are always the same. The hero gets a wounded in his shoulder, a bullet to the abdomen and a knife sticking out of his chest. But… he’s…got to (grunt) make it to…the (sigh) burning house to save (grumble) his wife. That’s me (groan) …at three in the morning (moan) on the way…to… the toilet (ahhh). “

Getting old can mess with your head if you are not prepared to find the humor in it. Last month I looked in the mirror (I have no choice) and noticed my left breast was much larger than my right one. “What, I’ve become a transgender over-night?!”

I immediately made an appointment with my doctor who told me it is nothing unusual for men my age to lose large amounts of testosterone. “Doc, I lost all my testosterone the day I got married.” I exclaimed

Getting older is NOT getting old if you exercise your humor muscle. I offer you this choice: Find the comedy in the inevitability. That’s exactly what I teach during my motivational, funny talks in Hong Kong & London.

I started jogging when I was thirty. At sixty it was too exhausting so I started walking for exercise. At seventy I discovered I couldn’t walk more than fifty meters at a time without having to sit down. What the heck is this? My orthopedic surgeon told me I have spinal stenosis. “What is spinal stenosis?” I inquired. “Old Fart” was his smiling reply.

My wife of 56 years and I went to a wedding last Thursday. As were driving home I exclaimed, “I can’t walk but I danced half the night. How is that possible?” “Would you prefer it the other way around?” was her terse answer. She makes me smile.

My granddaughter said straight out, “Saba, You’re old.” I said softly, “Sweetheart, I’m not old. What you see is a young man with wrinkled skin.”

I have made the discovery that staying healthy is just a way of dying more slowly. My friend Eyal asked me, “Lenny, are you afraid of death?” “Not really” I answered. “It’s the day after that scares me.”

No matter what happens on the outside, keep the child on the inside alive and well. We came into this world to play, have fun and laugh. By the way, at my age I don’t say “no” to anything. I don’t regret what I did. I regret what I didn’t do. That’s how I keep active as a famous motivational, humorous speaker in Hong Kong & London.

I challenge you to look for the humor in aging and change. I’m going to train myself to laugh at it all. What about you? I dare ya!

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