Lenny Ravich
The Smiling Bullfighter

The Smiling Bullfighter

September 1, 2022

Hi. This is Lenny Ravich otherwise known as a Motivational Speaker in Hong Kong. It’s interesting to note that I became super active after turning 86, and I would like to share with you what might have been the cause that thrust me into being one of the Best Motivational and Humorous Speakers in Hong Kong & London.

Read on and enjoy.

Imagine your life is a bull fight.

Have you have ever seen a live bullfight, or maybe in a movie, TV or You tube? You might notice that there are two main players: The Toreador and the bull. When the Toreador was a small child he received a present from his father. He opened it and found a red cape. “What is this, Daddy?” the young boy asked. “It’s a red cape, son,” he answered. “What is it for, Daddy”. “Well, son, if you ever see a bull about to attack you, I suggest that you don’t put the red cape in front of you. You see, the bull isn’t looking for you. He’s looking for the red cape. It’s not about you. So put the cape to the side, the bull passes near you without touching you and the crowd screams, ‘Olay!’

Where to put the red cape?

You may have noticed that that there are people who live life as if it were a bullfight…with one small difference. Instead of putting the cape to the side, they carry it in front of them. The bull charges the cape and hits them in the chest and Boom! We may think, “She takes things to heart.” Others hold the cape a bit lower and when the bull rushes the stomach area we might say, “Wow, he eats himself up with worry and anxiety.” Hospitals are filled with people who eat themselves and take things to heart. They may be suffering from stress related illnesses. This is why I always take my cape with me while speaking in front of audiences. I am certain this has supported me in becoming a famous Motivational and Funny Speaker in Hong Kong & London.

Being aware offers us choices

I walked into my local bank to talk to Daniel, my favorite teller. In the middle of our important conversation his phone lit up, he apologized and took the call and turned his back on me. I felt anger slowly rising in my chest and realized that the bull (my ego) was about to attack. By being aware of this I quickly put my cape to the side, let the bull go and took out my phone. “What’s your telephone number?” I asked respectfully. “What? Why do you want my phone number” he asked slightly shocked? “Because I want to talk with you,” I replied smilingly. He got the message and turned off his phone. We continued our conversation uninterrupted.

By being aware of my anger (the bull) I was offered a choice. How was I going to respond? If I had left my cape unattended I might have retorted with anger and hurt his feelings, which would be most unpleasant. Instead, my awareness led me to choose a kinder more humorous way to get my message across.

The last of all human freedoms

Victor Frankl in his classic book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” describes the horrors of the Nazi death camps. “The Nazi’s took everything away from me except one thing: The last of all human freedoms. The freedom to choose my own response to any situation.”

I learned this at a workshop lead by Jack Canfield, the author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. He taught the formula: E+R=O. “E” is any event. “R” is the response to that event and “O” is the outcome. If we want a positive outcome this formula will come in handy.

Here is an example: I live in Tel Aviv and take public buses often. Since I am 86 I get to travel for free. (Tee Hee) I entered the bus with my back pack and sat down next to another seriously mature male who turned to me as if he had suddenly become “The Incredible Hulk” and screamed, “You hit me with your bag!” This is called “E”, or the event. Being aware of the bull charging I was imagining two old, gladiator geezers battling it out to the bitter end on a public transport. So I chose a humorous “R”, or the response and immediately put the cape to the side, lifted up my bag and bitch slapped it while scolding, “Naughty, naughty bag! Say you’re sorry!” The “O”, or the outcome was two fine, elderly gentlemen having a good laugh together. These are the types of tools I teach in Hong Kong & London as a Motivational, humorous Speaker.

It’s not about you

It’s NOT about you. Become aware of your present experience, put your cape to the side, let the negativity go and choose a kinder more humorous response. This skill takes training. Take this advice from a Motivational Speaker in Hong Kong & London.  Will you remember to practice it from now on? I hope you do. The reward is a smile, well-being and maybe a new friend.   Let me know how it works for you.



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