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You Don’t Have to Be Funny Unless You Want to Get Paid

You Don’t Have to Be Funny Unless You Want to Get Paid

March 2, 2023

Hi All. Lenny Ravich here, author of the bestselling book “Everlasting Optimism” and humorous keynote speaker in London.

I will celebrate (I hope) my 87th birthday in July. I’ve noticed that the older I become, the more respect and attention gets thrust upon me. People all around are asking if they can help me with my suitcases and constantly inquiring if I’m alright. I had to wait to get old to get recognized. If I had known this before, I would have chosen to be born old rather than waiting so long for these privileges.

This January, 2023, I gave a talk for The Professional Speakers’ Association of India (PSAI) in Chennai titled, “You Don’t Have to Be Entertaining Unless you want to Get Paid”. It went over amazingly. I believe that speaking to any group of people (and I think most of you do) you must entertain your audience because when they are entertained they are engaged and when they are engaged they are absorbing your message easily.

Be Funny. Make Money

Now, in this article, I would like to talk to you about engaging your audience by being funnier. That does not mean I am going to teach you to be funny. I can’t do that, but what I will do is explain how I use humor to keep the spectators’ attention with the hope that I can help you raise your awareness on how to use your own natural humor to achieve success and get more gigs and a higher fee. That’s the bottom line, right?

Reality Doesn’t Care How You Feel

First of all, I use lots of metaphors to communicate my meaning since most people think in pictures. For example, I use the image for bowling to make my argument. I actually act out a person throwing the bowling ball down the aisle at the pins and crouching over in pain trying to get the bowling ball back on target as it heads straight to the gutter after having left her hands. My message is, “reality doesn’t care about what you want or how you react” and the listeners are involved as they watch it unfold in mime. Point made! Plus, some laughter and smiles. Acting out a scene usually attains this.    

Laughing at Ourselves

Secondly, I find flaws in my own character and joke about them since that will bring audiences closer to me. They usually identify with their own bloopers when I tell them my experience as a TV announcer and forgetting my name while on a live TV broadcast. My last name is Ravich and I was known as Mr. Garbage, or Rubbish for the rest of the season and I chose another name and forgot to remember. And, of course, most people recognize what it’s like to be humiliated, thus many grins and much merriment when you admit yours. 

Everyone Loves  Story

Thirdly, everyone loves a story; especially making it a funny one that delivers your delight straight to the heart.

My son Deron stole my car when he was only 14 years old. I was not surprised since I had stolen my father’s car and I’m sure my father had stolen his father’s horse. Family tradition, you might say. I’m not proud to say that all I could afford then was a twelve-year-old, beat up Ford. One night I fell asleep and he grabbed the keys and began joy riding around town with his friends.  Then they came to a police barrier and they waved him to stop. His friends urged him, “Deron, you have no driver’s license. Press the peddle to the metal and escape!” Of course the police gave chase and he was handcuffed and taken to detention. I was called and told my son was behind bars. I rushed to the jail house and watched him, dejected and depressed. I looked straight at him and whispered, “Deron! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Who gives a car chase in a broken down 12-year-old Ford? Don’t come home until you’ve at least stolen a brand new Mercedes!” 

We both had a good laugh and bonded.

I must stress: Your stories must be acted out as well as told.

During my humorous keynote speeches in London I let my audiences ponder: Always remember to laugh at yourself. It’s pure, healthy and the closest thing to a prayer.

So if you are looking to book a Humorous, Inspirational Speaker for your next event contact www.lennyravich.org. Use the same address if you are ready to brainstorm with me personally.

Good Luck

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