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5 Characteristics of Successful Optimists

5 Characteristics of Successful Optimists

August 26, 2022

Hi. This is Lenny Ravich, better known as the global guru of optimism, perhaps because you have to live long enough to prove that being the best motivational speaker in Hong Kong & London is a positive way to live. I became even busier during the pandemic I guess because people need a famous Hong Kong Motivational speaker to give them hope. I gladly share with you the following ideas about living with optimism and humor,

Optimistic People Make Other People Perfect

I have been married for 56 years. I keep telling my wife she’s perfect. She looks at me kinda funny and asks, “How can you say that?” My answer is, “If you’re not perfect I have a problem.”

Think about that: If something in your life is not perfect, whose challenge is that? So what do you do? You decide that whatever is going on in your life is perfect. You fall in love with the “here and now” because if you don’t, you know what happens? You suffer. Optimists magically change their reality into perfection. And this is a message I convey as a London & Hong Kong Funny motivational speaker.

By the way, people ask me what the secret is to so many years of marriage. I tell them it’s from that most amazing emotion in the world; fear! My wife is afraid to live alone and I’m afraid of her.

Optimists Are Born Winners

Yes, you are a winner. You were in the cruelest race in nature and you won. You won the great sperm race. There were millions of sperm all trying to be the first to that egg and you did it! Sorry that so many of your brothers and sisters died along the way. But hey, someone had to be victorious and that was you. So go to the mirror right now, stare at that gorgeous champion looking back and say, “Darling, without you I’m nothing!”

Optimism Makes You More Attractive

Have you noticed that plants grow toward the sun? It’s called the heliotrope effect. Similarly, humans are attracted to pleasure rather than pain. Which company would you rather keep; a toxic complainer or a person who makes you feel positive about yourself? When you choose to see the good you will look and feel better. Notice that you will smile more and that lifts your face value.

Optimists Live Longer, Live Stronger

According to Meg Selig in Psychology Today:  A survey research which followed 69,744 women and 1,429 men over 10-30 years, researchers discovered that “individuals with greater optimism are more likely to live longer and to achieve ‘exceptional longevity,’ that is, living to age 85 or older.”  I’m 86. See? I told you. Can you imagine achieving the status of Motivational, Humorous Speaker in Hong Kong & London at this age? That’s optimism for ya’.

Optimists Are Grateful

What do you have to be grateful for? Are you reading this article? Yes? That means you are alive and breathing. That’s a talent. You woke up this morning. How many people didn’t get that opportunity? Be grateful that you are breathing and can celebrate this temporary gift called life. The choice is yours. Pick a good one.

Whenever I leave my apartment I make sure to look at the mirror in the elevator, smile and say, “I’m still alive” and then I laugh out loud for as long as it takes for the elevator to reach ground floor. I walk into the world loaded with positivity knowing that no one can ruin my day. Especially when I’m in front of the microphone as one of the best motivational speakers in Hong Kong.

When people ask me how I am, my response is always “Now is my best moment because there is no other moment.” All we have is NOW. I plan to make it my best moment. How about you?  I choose to make my best moment now and also when I appear in London & Hong Kong as a funny motivational speaker.

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