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Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Part Two)

Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Part Two)

September 15, 2022

Hi. I’m Lenny Ravich, one of the best motivational and humorist keynote speakers in Hong Kong & London. I just turned 86 and have some things to help and serve you on your journey to love, joy and success. Wanna hear from a seriously mature person? Here goes:

Should vs Need                                      

In my first article “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” Part One, I stated that the way to be truly successful, joyful and grateful is to be connected to the inner vibrations which say, “I NEED do this for my peace and happiness,” and not “I SHOULD do this it or that because I read it in a book claiming that it was the way to success”. I suggest that you doubt me as well since I might be one of those “someone’s”.   Get it? Don’t believe what I say. Just believe that I said it.

On a Scale of 1-10

Now listen: If your inner core values and vision vibrate at a ten on a scale from one to ten, then what you envision will be yours in time. Be very patient. Do it, with all the fears and monsters that will inevitably appear in your life. If you vibrate at a seven or eight on a scale of one to ten, forget about it. Even if your mother, your best friend, or that workshop facilitator told you in her seminar that you “ought to” do it, you haven’t a chance.  You will not have the wherewithal to stand up against what you will meet on the Yellow Brick Road unless your desires, values and vision all vibrate at ten.

The Hero’s Journey

I watched the film “Lord of the Rings” and said to myself, “That’s life!” The moment the Hobbits knew what they had to do and started out on their journey, the aberrations came out of the woodwork.

Why will there be fear and beasts attacking as soon as you go after your goal which is vibrating at a ten? Why are they necessary? Can’t you make the journey on The Yellow Brick Road a smooth one? The answer is a resounding “No!” You see, it’s not the goal you’re trying to reach that is important. It is the way TO the objective that holds all significance. You are setting out on this path to learn to love more deeply, get wiser, serve mankind and laugh more. The ditches, the roadblocks and disappointments are all grist for the mill in achieving that.

Nothing Works

Nothing is supposed to work. That’s why we get married, have children and open businesses. None of those work. They were placed in our midst to help us become better people. How? Perhaps you meet distress or a colossal roadblock and get knocked down or slip and fall, you swear at the cosmos and ask, “Why me?” Instead, ask yourself: “How is what is presently happening help me to love more deeply, become wiser, serve mankind and laugh more?” The monsters will then back off temporarily until the next batch appears. They will always be there. The only way they stop coming is after you are buried in your grave.  Anyone who tells you that he/she has a perfect relationship, ideal children and a thriving business without having met the brutes and trip-ups is heavily into denying. You have no idea what I had to face in order to become a successful, funny keynote speaker in Hong Kong & London. But that’s for another time.

Pick Up Your Sword

That’s why your innards have to vibrate at ten. If it’s less than ten the monsters will eat you alive, or at best, you’ll get discouraged and quit. If you are pulsating at ten, the fear maybe 99.99 but the desire is 10. You’ll make it. If you fall, you’ll get up, brush the dust off, pick up your sword and continue.

Authentic Success

Authentic success is not determined by how much money you have or how many businesses you own. You can be a billionaire and be failing miserably at your relationships. Constantly allow the here and now to teach you what it has come to teach you.

“If You’re Not with the One You love, Love the One You’re with” Stephen Stills

Do what you totally love to do. Or even better, learn to love what you don’t love until what you do love shows up. I washed dishes and waited on tables while learning to become one of Hong Kong’s & London best motivational speakers, and I loved it because I decided to.

Learn what you have to learn each day in order to grow into a better human being. Only then will you have all that God has intended: Joy, love, wealth, fame, good health, strength, energy, laughter, good looks and the best, significant and the most profound relationships and adventures ever.

Are you willing to Follow the Yellow Brick Road? Write to me and let me know how it’s going.



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